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Google Medical Brain’s AI is now more accurate than hospitals predicting patients’ deaths – how can AI improve medical care?

Twitter expanded video ads to advertisers in 12 global markets (after all, video alone accounted for 50% of Twitter’s first-quarter revenue).

Shopable stories are coming out on Instagram… so why do Insta users want to stop their time on IG with daily reminders?
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Google has taught the medical mind of artificial intelligence how to predict the risk of patient death, hospital discharge and readmission – it is more accurate than many hospitals!

Considering a wider range of patient data (!!) than most hospitals (and) teaching their AI how to read that data, Google’s prediction algorithms are higher than traditional hospital systems was. Accuracy is clear – therapy is needed in the context of predicting and predicting the patient’s health.

In fact, in a previous study, a hospital predicted a 9.3% higher mortality rate for a patient with metastatic breast cancer, while Google Medical Brain AI predicted a 19.9% ​​higher risk. The patient died, unfortunately, less than two weeks later, but as we can see, the expected high mortality rate was more accurate than the hospital warning system predicted.

One of the main reasons for the high accuracy of the medical brain is that Google’s AI has read all the notes doctors tell about every patient in their emergency health records – while many hospital alert system data predictions are a small one. Use subgroups that form the base.

Google is currently exploring other methods that may improve the accuracy of the medical brain even further. This includes voice recognition so that doctors do not have to manually take notes for patient files. While this will greatly simplify the medical process, extreme accuracy will be required from Google to avoid any major disaster (understanding different accents, dialects, etc.).

If Google was able to do all this by following the rules of data protection, the medical mind would make a lot of progress in medical care, reducing the risk of human error.

The decision to expand in-stream video ads is supported by data that explain how this strategy is working for brands. Nielsen’s report states that promoting video ads has led to 70% increase in advertising awareness in businesses, 28% increase in brand awareness, and even 6% increase in viewership.

And profits are not limited to brands: Twitter’s video publishers saw a 60% increase in annual revenue in 2017. And 50% of Twitter’s $ 575 million revenue came from video ads only from the previous quarter … which is not surprising, surprisingly, video viewership on Twitter doubled in just one year.

Meanwhile, Instagram wants its users to shop inside Instagram Stories, not just post posts. Shopable Instagram Stories is currently being tested by select brands such as Adidas and Luis Viton. They place shopping bag stickers with their products inside their Instagram stories, and users can then click on the sticker to see more details about the item.

Speakers may face, not down. There is room next to the keyboard, and this should help improve the average laptop sound. This is the only place Razer Blade and MacBook Pro 15 can easily beat the Dell XPS 15.

I’ve always known that the Intel Core i9 eight-core chip is a big part of a mobile phone, but I didn’t realize that my previous experience with it was not the full potential of the chip. Dell’s XPS 15 lets the Core i9 live at its best. In support of 32 GB RAM and an excellent thermal profile, the processor blew my expectations.

However, the jump in composition criteria is not clear. On Geekbench 4, the XPS 15 was flirty with the MacBook Pro 15, which uses the same Core i9-9980HK processor. However, its 4% advance in single-core performance is very high in real-life tests.

The first performance test I did was Handbreak’s video codec. I changed the 420 MB 4K file encoding to x265, and got the XPS 15 to work 15% faster than the MacBook Pro. In fact, it set a record in the benchmark (other than the Alienware Area-51M, which weighs 8.5 pounds and uses a desktop device).

Dell XPS 15 is not a gaming laptop. This is an important phrase that may take some repetition. Nvidia’s GTX 1650 has a decent discrete GPU, which is definitely an upgrade from last year’s GTX 1050 Ti. However, it is still not fast enough to meet players’ demands.

Previous XPS 15 models performed well on battery tests, especially 1080p LED models. When I reviewed it last year, it lasted 14 and a half hours of local video playback. The new 4K OLED model does not last long, but it still publishes respectable results.

All in all, it won’t work you a whole day away from the wall, but it illuminates powerful results considering its high-resolution screen and fast Core i9 processor. Want maximum stamina? Look at the mid-range model that has a 1080p screen. The entry-level model may work well due to its less demanding hardware, but be warned; It also has a small battery.

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