New Niches for Startups Created

Distance Work and Social Distance. These two approaches will define our lives behind 2020. The epidemic has brought everyone into a new reality. The transition from our traditional lifestyle to isolation mode was anything but smooth. The whole world had to learn how to work and learn from afar and organize their leisure without leaving their homes. But the lockdown has also created some marks for startups that no one could have imagined before.

A few months ago, we could not imagine a world without public transport and traffic jams, busy restaurants and shopping malls, crowded parties and concerts. Now it is here. Governments discontinued long-awaited innovation programs to invest in healthcare technology – the industry being the most focused nowadays. And for millions of people around the world, real life has gone online – with online shopping, online classes and even developing online parties.

Despite the easing of sanctions in most countries, no one can say that the lockdown will end completely. Have we returned to our normal lives this summer? Or will the coming two years be shaped by social disturbances due to a possible epidemic?

One thing is already clear: we are in the worst economic downturn since the Great Recession. The unemployment rate has increased drastically. Many small businesses closed; Great economies enter recession. That doesn’t sound optimistic, does it?

But things are not as bad. The crisis opens up many possibilities, as well. Here we discuss four industries that are experiencing a difficult upgrade right now. If you want your company to be on the edge of improvement – then hurry up and discover potential startup niches!

Remote Interaction – New Reality for Personal Communications
Over the years, Zoom was a niche solution for online conferences and video calls. Since February 2020, it is the number one platform for all types of events: from birthday parties and blind dates to university classes and even city council meetings.

Currently, it is a forced measure, but experts predict that virtual meetings will become an important part of our reality even after the epidemic is over. Generation Z (also known as Joomers – what a coincidence!) Prefers online communication for in-person meetings. But currently the tools that are still available may not provide all the features that young users are looking for. And it is one of the niches to investigate for a startup founder.

What does the myriad of online communication tools miss? User orientation, social features and entertainment.

Zoom and Alike were created specifically for business needs. Companies that could not afford an internal internal communications system opted for a cost-effective SaaS solution. Their functionality fits in the conference room, but not for a virtual family lunch or coffee-break. Zoom security issues are also a reason to see the option.

Some devices begin to play with capable masks or changing backgrounds, but a complex solution for entertaining calls is on the way.

There is still lag and this is one of the possible startup niches to hit with a new app, right?

First, let’s analyze popular apps among zoomers right now. What characteristics make them so unique? Filters, quick responses, microformats, geolocation, augmented reality or interactive 3D models, built-in mini-games, group movie streaming, and more – any idea can be a game-changer.

For door delivery – eliminating the need for traditional shopping
E-commerce was slowly evolving, but it seemed that the complete transition to online shopping was still a few decades away. Some buyers were not ready to decide on the product without seeing it with their eyes; Some other people do not trust the vendor with whom they cannot speak in person.

And now here we are. The only type of shopping that is available during lockdown is online shopping. And it turns out that basically everything can be delivered door to door: food, cosmetics, consumer electronics, furniture, gardening equipment and pet care products. Now that everyone was forced to try e-commerce, they can evaluate the convenience of the process and offer a chance to save a lot of time. And after taking this first step, many people did not even return to classical shopping.

We already see online commerce taking a big jump. And when it comes to global e-commerce trends, in-the-door delivery is definitely one of the strongest ones. Therefore we expect an increasing number of P2P logistics services. It seems like a solid startup niches, right?

On-demand delivery international companies like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Glovo first focused on food delivery from restaurants. Now they expand their services and are ready to bring anything to their customers’ doorsteps. However, high-quality distribution is still not available in the majority of small cities around the world. This means that millions of people are waiting for a local company to meet their needs.

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