Men Killed in Separate Incidents, Police

In two separate cases of caste violence, two Dalit youths were brutally attacked and killed in Maharashtra.

In the first violent incident on May 27, a 32-year-old anti-caste activist and an active member of the Vaneet Bahujan Agadi (VBA) was found dead under suspicious circumstances as he confronted Hindu men of caste, all other backward classes. ‘Kunbi’ community belonging to class (OBC). The men had allegedly beaten her and her friend and took a picture at the shop of the accused.

In another incident, a 20-year-old college student was targeted and killed by Maratha men on June 7 for having a relationship with a woman in his community.

In both incidents, the victims’ family has accused the police of not taking action against the police to shield the accused and deliberately delaying the police action. The police were forced to look into the matter seriously after pressure from anti-caste activists and political leaders.

Nagpur incident

On 27 May, a 32-year-old anti-caste activist in Maharashtra and an active member of the VBA was found dead under suspicious circumstances in Nagpur. Arvind Bansod was committed to suicide a few minutes after OBC Kunbi caste people allegedly committed suicide in Thadeepwani town of Narkhed tehsil of Nagpur district.

The main accused Mithilesh alias Mayuresh Umarkar is the leader of the local Nationalist Congress Party. The state home minister and senior NCP leader Anil Deshmukh represents this taluka. Umarkar’s father, Bandopant Umarkar, is a district vice president of NCP.

Bansod and Raut, friends, had traveled from Pimpaldhara village in Narkhed to nearby Thadeepwani town. When Bansod went to an ATM to collect money, Raut visited an HP gas agency next door. “An old village woman asked for a vow and we wanted her gas cylinder to be refilled. Since there was a set of numbers mentioned on the board, I decided to click on a picture of the shop board on my phone. “The shop owners (accused) saw me clicking pictures and immediately confiscated my phone,” says Raut.

By then Bansod had returned from the ATM and intervened. Umarkar and his friends, angry that two Dalit people were facing him, started assaulting him. “They used abusive abuses, beating both of us,” says Raut.

Somehow both managed to get out of the shop and Raut asked Bansod to sit on the corner of the shop while he went to fetch some petrol for his bike. But when Raut came back in less than five minutes, he saw Bansod lying unconscious on the ground with a pesticide bottle beside him.

Sumedha Gondane, a VBA activist from the area who is closely following the case, says that while returning Raut to the spot, Umarkar and his friends put Bansod in his car and took him to the hospital. “They did not let Raut enter the car,” says Gonden.

“Umar’s behavior from beginning to end has been questionable. Nevertheless, the police were quick to declare it a suicide without investigating the obvious allegations leveled by Gajanan, ”says Gonden.

Initially, the police had only registered a case of kidnapping for suicide against Umrar and some others. But as Bansod’s death sparked public outrage, VBA chief Prakash Ambedkar and other party members demanded a fair police investigation into the matter. Activists on the ground have alleged that the story of suicide was not praiseworthy and there was a possibility of foul play. As the accused persons are active members of the NCP, Ambedkar too has demanded a CBI inquiry into the case.

As the police continued to stone the victim’s family members and activists, and refused to seriously investigate the case, a senior IPS officer of the Nagaland cadre, but originally a resident of Nagpur, Sandeep Tamgadge, intervened in the case. Decided to do. A 15-person delegation, consisting of activists and representatives of various anti-caste political parties, was formed and Inspector General (Nagpur Range) K.M. A meeting was held with. Mallikarjuna Prasanna on 9 June. The delegation states that the meeting allowed them to explain the ground situation to the authorities and their demands were eventually accepted.

IG Prasanna confirmed the meeting and said: “We have now increased the sections in the FIR and implemented the relevant sections of the Atrocities Act. We have decided to provide protection to the victim’s family and her friend. ”

Murder in pune

In another incident, six Maratha men carried out a planned attack on a 20-year-old graduate student, Viraj Jagtap, for falling in love with a girl from his community.

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