Progressive mobile apps are the new trend

In this era of digitization, almost everyone is a smartphone user, the count is increasing with each passing time. It is indeed a source of economic output in today’s market. You know why? this is easy. Every smartphone user uses an Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the app for their daily requirement, and purchasing apps is also an option.

If you have a start-up that has its own app in one of these app stores, it is very clear that you will want to place your app at the top of a search results page. How can you make it possible? Let us check it out.

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization, or ASO, is a method of optimization by which you improve your mobile app to ensure that it reaches the ultimate goal of getting the most downloads and, ultimately, applications. Rankes best in top-charted lists for. Who doesn’t want their own app to rank the best, but faces a huge competition! It is very important for your app to have a lot of organic download and it is going to be at the forefront of the market.

To ensure that someone goes through some of these processes or App Store optimization tips so that your app reaches Zenith:

1. Relevant Keywords

One must know what are the best and necessary words for the app for the audience. Understand the mindset of potential audience or even customers, in other words, one has to mark the keywords that have relevance in the app so that customers get your app in the top list when searching for that keyword.

Using non-relevant keywords for your application can be a downfall to ranking an individual app. A variant of a keyword is to be used that is either singular or plural. Using keywords with the word “app” or a competitor’s brand names can be punishable.

Google Keyword Planner is a great help for the analysis of keywords. Mobile Action and Sensor Tower are great app store optimization tools.

2. Corrected titles and descriptions

can use metadata for a good number of downloads, and using the appropriate title is the most important metadata. A short but relevant and less than 25 letter title is also best and helps your app be visible to a larger audience. Own company names and top keywords will make the app easier to find.

 Anything other than this description should be in the “read more” section.

3. Maximizing

In the Apple App Store, there is a 100-character keyword field, which uses the correct title for your app, as previously suggested, specific keywords within 100 characters (which describes your app well) with. This helps determine where the customer’s app lands where a customer is actually searching for something at a certain time.

Whereas, Google Play Store uses another form to maximize its keywords which is similar to search engine optimization or SEO. Compared to the Apple App Store, it does not use keywords and instead thoroughly scans an app with a given description. Therefore, 4000 characters are used to describe your character, which customers will use in the most natural, vernacular language.

4. Suitable icons and screenshots

Use appropriate icons that can give you the shape of your app in the market. An icon that is easily searchable and unique helps the audience remember and better identify the company’s brand.

Screenshots are also a great source of attention. Viewers usually make decisions based on viewing screenshots. Uploading multiple screenshots would all be more helpful.

A colorful template should be used to give the application a completely professional and classy yet admirable look. Using the appropriate fonts for the application is a section to look well into. Visual features are very important in an app.

5. Video Description

Uploading videos can better describe any one app and increase download by 35%. This is a great adaptation to the overall improvisation of an app. An increase in downloads means an increase in app ranking.

Video description is more valuable than better titles or visuals. A good number of viewers download the application in a few minutes, so a good video description helps you get a better number of downloads.

6. Know

Your Competition Knowing your competitors is an essential thing, you should know. Analyzing their business strategy is an important thing for the business to reach the ultimate heights.

Pinpoint the best category for your app and find out the number of competitors in that area. Next, the number of recently updated apps and download rankings of apps in your category.

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