What’s new with DevOps in 2020

The term DevOps refers to software development that takes care of quality assurance, product development as well as IT operations and systems and database administration, security, networks and releases. DevOps aims to shorten the software development cycle and provide continuous delivery with high quality.


Artificial Intelligence The growing number of applications driven by Artificial Intelligence will propel data science teams in their workflows to seek the philosophy of DevOps.

In 2020, artificial intelligence will surely impact advanced equipment and technology to enhance applications.

Everything in code form

developers will now implement code as compliant and thus improve security aspects in DevOps. We cannot deny the current fact that nowadays coding has become the backbone of the IT sector.

The future of IT depends on the technical capabilities of developers, testers and people in operation. Since DevOps is all about making delivery cycles hassle free, there is a requirement that code can be used to increase software production cycle efficiency.

Harnessing the power of

machine learning Machine learning is the focus of the digital world right now. DevOps will be smarter with the help of AI in the coming years. With AI, DevOps will be able to deal with big data and reap the benefits therefore, improving the app development process in unprecedented ways.

Nowadays, there are automation testing solutions such as Lambda testing, which will not only provide you with the infrastructure, but will provide you with a full range of complementary features that will enhance your overall cross-browser testing experience while rapidly shipping your products.

Cyber ​​security will improve

Security is the major factor whether it is DevOps or Automation when it comes to improving or developing applications or software. Considering the impact on the company’s reputation, cyber security has become a business imperative.

Recently we saw a new trend of DevOps, which is nothing more than to inject security for the first time in the app development life cycle, which has improved business reputation. Shifting to DevOps will greatly support the software department.

Cloud providers will gain more importance

Cloud-providers will focus more on serverless. DevOps solution in 2020. There will be more takers as it will be cost effective. In 2020, it is expected that adopters will bring hybrid and multi cloud methodologies to advance the planning of the data ecosystem.

A cloud service provider will be responsible for maintaining the hardware and software on which the code runs.

With the

adoption of cloud on infrastructure growth as a service , IAAS will also be in demand.  because everything will be scripted.

The cost to be followed with software development will be drastically reduced. Cloud servers will know when to use less capacity and when to accommodate more computing power and when to use less capacity.

Enhancing data management DevOps already automates code and pipelines. The larger the data analyzed, the greater the use of software.

Modular software 
microservices ) DevOps and microservices are going hands-on. If something goes wrong, the microsystems are not dependent and therefore do not create any dependencies or break other systems.

In 2020, more and more businesses will stop using large, monolithic applications and instead favor the rise of MODULAR APPLICATION. And these modules can be updated individually. In 2020, we will see an increase in the use of microservices architecture.

Serverless architecture

can reach the highest level with serverless architecture. It will not be server-less but a cloud service that takes care of the complete architecture.

BaaS as well as FaaS are two major aspects of server less architecture. Employing a serverless architecture can save time, reduce your costs and ensure flexible workflows.

Focusing more on the shift-lift policy

will increase the importance of the shift lift policy as far as security is considered. After product development, we will no longer wait for crop safety flaws. Security issues in the pipeline can be investigated by the developers and hence they can take adequate measures. It has already started in 2020 and will be popular soon. This shift-lift policy will soon accommodate any product changes in the development cycle.

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