3 levels of Artificial Intelligence

Currently, it is a fictional concept believed to transcend human intelligence. ASI technology is likely to bridge the gap between human intelligence and machines. ASI machines will be able to do extraordinary things that only humans are capable of.

They will also be capable of decision making, art, and even emotional relationships. In fact, ASI machines will surpass the level of intelligence shown by humans. However, some believe that human beings have not yet acquired proficiency in emotional relationships and effective decision making. Thus, it can be said that in the next few years artificial super intelligence will excel in areas where humans have failed.

AI and future

AI is all set to improve the world. Within a few years, we will be able to see changes in various segments. And these changes will happen on such a large scale that we would not have even imagined them.

– Transport: The transport industry will be highly affected. Within a decade we will be able to see autonomous cars on the roads. Also, the days are not far when autonomy will fall on us.

– Manufacturing: AI based robots in manufacturing will work with humans to perform tasks such as stacking and assembling. In addition, predictive sensors embedded in robots will aid the smooth operation of machines.

– Healthcare: AI will bring appreciable improvement in healthcare.

– Healthcare: AI will bring appreciable improvement in healthcare. This will help in easy diagnosis of diseases. Related drug searches will accelerate. Virtual nursing assistants will support patient monitoring more effectively and applications of big data will help personalize the medical care experience.

– Education: Digitization through AI has been a widely appreciated step in education. In addition, virtual tutors with technology can be created to support human teachers. And with the help of facial analysis and emotions, students who are struggling to understand or get bored can be identified. Doing so will help to change and align teaching methods with students’ preferences.

– Media: AI is also making its way through media and journalism. In addition, the related press gains insights using natural language processing to draft 3700 report stories annually. This figure is almost four times the previous record.

– Customer service: Many technology companies are working on incorporating AI into customer service. The multinational giant, Google is working on enhancing the features of its virtual assistant so that it can make human-like calls. Such as booking an appointment at a nearby salon or any similar activity.

With tech giants spending a good amount of money

With tech giants spending a good amount of money on AI, many conglomerates are moving toward introducing AI products and services, and many large universities make it a major part of the curriculum. While some incidents are already being felt. All developments in the AI ​​sector are disruptive, either for the better or some worse; Amidst all this, the fact is clear that the development of technology should not be stopped.

Today, AI has gifted us with many possibilities. Its integration into machines has made them more capable than humans. However, right now, predicting how long AI will take to acquire human-like cognitive abilities is quite difficult. As technology continues to evolve, the day is not far when AI will surpass the brightest brain intelligence in the world. While there is no exact answer as to how long this technology will continue to advance, it seems that it will become an essential part of our lives. We will also use it without realizing it.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) machines demonstrate the generalized cognitive abilities of humans. This type of AI is capable of acting like humans. Currently, AGI is still in a nascent stage. Apart from demonstrating human-like capabilities, these machines would be far better when it comes to in-depth calculations. By combining human intelligence with the benefits that machines have over humans, AGI will be able to serve the right purpose.

However, the technology will take time to come as these machines will be based on the functionality of the human brain, which remains to be studied on a large scale. In addition, the capabilities of AGI systems will be extended to a level beyond human capabilities to enable them to process data at unbelievable speeds.

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