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Reliance Jio has officially declared that the Jio GigaFiber broadband service will commercially be launched on 5th September 2019. From the last year, only the Jio Giga Fiber project team has put the internet connection and voice services on average of 5Lakhs homes in India for a trial basis. According to that trial, it has been found that an average of 100GB data is using per day by the users at all. Whereas Jio Fiber gives monthly 1100GB of data limit which is approx. 36.6GB per day of usage

Here Jio Giga Fiber assured the lightning-fast broadband speed that ranges up to 1GBPS per connection. In the welcome offer of Jio Giga Fiber home broadband, user can also avail for no cost Landline phone, 4K-Ultra HD Set-Top Box for TV with 500+ channels and so on at no extra cost. The Jio Giga Fiber monthly data package starts from 700INR and lasts up to 10,000INR based on various data limits and packages. The speed of the Internet starts at 100 Mbps and it goes up to 1Gbps which a new reveal in the internet history of India.

Features of Jio Giga Fiber:

Jio Fiber Internet and Voice Call services come up with abundant features that enable you to avail multi-services by paying for one only. If you are opting for Jio Fiber Internet or Voice Call Service, then you can freely watch TV with digital 4K Jio Set Top Box, enjoy Ultra HD Entertainment, Virtual Reality Content, Multi-party Video Conferencing, Interactive gaming, Voice enable Virtual assist, Home security, and Smart Home solutions. The Jio Fiber Tariffs is available on Four Powerful Principles.

The Features of Jio Fiber Tariffs are given below in details. So have a look on the below points to get know about them in more.

Simple Tariffs:

At first Jio Fiber introduce the easy to understand tariff plans that give you the best performance ever. In Simple tariffs, the power performance pack gives you the speed that starts at 100 Mbps and goes all the way that ranges up to 1Gbps. If we compare to US average Fixed Line Download Speed, then it is only 90 Mbps which is 10 Mbps less than Jio Fiber in India. So, there is no doubt that in India now we also have quality internet in terms of fixed-line data.

Talking about the Jio Fiber plans then it is 1/10th of the global rates. The Jio Fiber Plan is starting at 700INR and lasts up to 10,000 INR based on different plans. So this is one of the most valuable Tariffs in which you need to pay for one and enjoy all the services by sitting in your room only.

Pay For only one Service :

In the second, users need to pay either for Voice or Data and they will enjoy all the services like Digital Set Top Box for watching TV, Voice calls from Home through Land Line to all Indian Operators, Multi-Party Video Conference and so on.  

On Fixed Line International Voice calls, Jio also offers lowest fixed-line rates for International Calls. As per the default tariffs, the rate is one-tenth of the Industry Rates. You can avail Unlimited Canada/US Voice call Packs by paying only 500INR per monthly basis.

Simplify Content Purchase and Consumption

On the third, Jio Fiber has to Simplify the content purchase and consumption with all new attractive features. Here the Premium Jio Fiber users or the Subscribers can able to watch the First Day First Show movies in HD quality on the same day as their release by sitting in the home only. Besides that, all the purchased application can be used freely for a lifetime with this Jio Fiber Bundled to most leading premium OTT applications. 

Jio Post Paid Plus

At last Jio Fiber launches the special Mobility services which are Jio Post Paid Plus. It offers you platinum grade services with best product experience. India’s first priority-based SIM setup services and MNP service is available at home. There is no need to visit the store now. The service executive will visit your home and changes the carrier without changing your existing number. Enjoy the Seamless voice and data connectivity everywhere with data sharing family plans. A a fraction of cost you can enjoy International roaming and upgrade your phone at preferential rates. All the solution will available on the screen of your phone.

Jio Fiber Welcome Offer

One more thing is also available for you in last that Jio Fiber Welcome offer gives the customers an HD or 4K LED TV and 4K Set Top Box with Jio Forever Annual Plans. So, this never happens in the history of the internet in India that variety of offers are available with the Jio Fiber Internet for every user.

Hope the information given here about Jio Giga Fiber launch is now helpful to you all. If you are an exitance Jio User or if you are another service user then feel free to switch on Jio Fiber as it is more valuable then other voice call and internet service provider in India. As per your need now you can choose the monthly and annual plans from JIo Fiber with unlimited data, voice calls, TV channels and more. If you are satisfied with this information, then share the same with others as well.  

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