How To Increase BSNL Broadband Speed

In India, BSNL Broadband is the most popular and useful broadband service until now. While using the BSNL Broadband internet, it seems that many of the user’s lodges a common complain i.e. low speed of internet. However, BSNL claims that in general a user can get the speed of 2 Mbps and that ranges up to the maximum FUP limit. Due to several reasons, while we are going to uses the BSNL Broadband in practical, the download speed lies nearly on 512kbps and all. So, this is so much irritating that the speed fluctuates while we are doing the high-end transaction or downloading important files from the web.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best tips such that as a user you can upgrade the speed without any further investment. If you want to inform the BSNL employees from this speed related issue then this will not be the ideal solution for low-speed internet. So before going to speed up your BSNL Broadband, let us have a look at the tips given below.

How to Increase BSNL Broadband Speed using DNS Server?

At first, according to our tips and tricks, as a user can increase the BSNL Broadband Speed by customizing the DNS- Domain Name Server setting. By default, we always use the Google search engine on the web from any web browser while doing internet. So in this session, you need to change the Preferred and Alternet DNS server addresses in TCP/IPv4 properties using the steps given below.

  1. First of all click or go to Start Menu -> click on Control Panel ->Network and Sharing Centre/ Network Connections -> Click to Open Local Area Connection -> Go to Properties.
  2. Next Click on the TCP/IP and then the DNS server addresses where you need to replace the by default DNS Server with the following addresses: Preferred DNS Server: and Alternate DNS Server:

How to increase BSNL Broadband Wi-Fi speed using SG TCP Optimizer – Windows?

This is one of the simple processes for any internet user to increase BSNL Broadband Wi-Fi Speed. Using the  TCP Optimizer, anyone can speed up the BSNL Broadband Wi-Fi and this trick will surely work for you. TCP optimizer is a software which is available on the web for free. You need to install this software in your PC and open it after the installation has completed. Now open the TCP Optimizer software and increase the level of Bar as per your need to the desired position and Apply Changes. Using this trick will surely increase your BSNL broadband as well as BSNL Wi-Fi speed as well.

How to Increase BSNL Broadband Speed using Local Computer Policy?

Another method to increase BSNL Broadband Speed hack in unlimited plan speed is by customizing Local Computer Policy. This is a very normal and Genuine trick to increase the download speed using BSNL Broadband speed hack safely. To apply this trick you need to follow the steps given below.

  1. For Windows XP and Vista User you need to click on Start Button -> type Run. For Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10 users, you need to install Group Policy Editor Manually and proceed to step 2.
  2. In Run Window type gpedit.msc to open the group policy editor. 
  3. The Group Policy Editor will open where you need to navigate on Local Computer Policy ->Computer Configuration ->Administrative Templates ->Network ->QOS Packet Scheduler ->Limit Reservable Bandwidth -> double click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth and Change the value from 20 to 0.
  4. Changing this value will increase the BSNL Broadband speed and you get more efficient download experience after applying this trick.

How to increase BSNL broadband speed by clearing Browser Cache?

This is the last trick which you can apply in your web browser to increase the slower internet speed. If you are a Google Chrome User then open your browser and click on Ctrl+Alt+Delete ->select The Beginning of Time and click Clear Browsing Data. For Mozilla Firefox users the need to click on Ctrl+Alt+Delete ->select Everything and click Clear Now.

Note: Clearing the Cache will remove the saved password information and you need to re-login against every account which already signed in your web browser.

So these are all about the methods or you can say that the tips and tricks on how to increase BSNL Broadband speed in unlimited range. In the web, there isa variety of third party software available through hackers to increase internet speed. So, please do not go for that software as after installing that software, the hackers will grab your PC information hiddenly. Hope the information given here about to increase BSNL Broadband Wi-Fi speed is now helpful to you all. If you are satisfied then share the information with others as well.

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