Top 5 Broadband In Lucknow Compare Plans & Service

You can find several brands of broadband in Lucknow today, but which one meets the requirements? The number of BroadBand Service Providers in the state has increased over the years, and it is extremely difficult to find an ideal service. A simple Google search can provide reputed broadband in Lucknow, but the doubts do not end.

We are going to list down top 5 broadband in Lucknow, so you can make up your mind without hesitating to contact for a new connection. In this tutorial, we are going to list down the plans, service, and features.

There is no such thing as perfection in the world so that you can expect a couple of drawbacks in the broadbands, but they are striving to offer the ultimate features and services to the customers.

1. Sikka Broadband

Sikka is an Internet Service Provider in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The company established in the heart of Lucknow, and they offer unshared, unlimited and enterprise connections to the customers. Sikka ISP has come a long way from 1 Mbps connection 1Gbps connection. Sikka has risen to popularity in many regions of the state because the company has transparent policies and hiding is not in their policy.


SIKKA Rs.499 plan impressed me the most because it offers 75 Mbps download & upload speed with 175 GB FUP. In case, if the users hit the FUP limit, then the plan downgrades to 5 Mbps connection, and it is an interesting package.

The ISP offering data speed from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps and customers can select from Rs.499 package to Rs.9999 package. If you are an enterprise looking for 100 Mbps plus internet connection with responsive customer care, then Sikka makes an interesting choice.


New connections and old connections do not have to worry about support as the company added a dedicated support line for everyone. If you are willing to pay yearly, then you get free activation or else, the users have to pay Rs.3500.


The starting package of Rs.499 offers 75 Mbps internet speed, and the highest package offered by the ISP Rs.9999 comes with 1 Gbps download speed. There are a total of eight packages that features decent download and upload speed including higher FUP.

2. Airtel BroadBand

Airtel Broadband is a popular ISP in the country, and they provide internet connection in all States in India. Airtel is a telecom company that has connection all over the country, so they have used the trademark to generate more revenue. Airtel Broadband is good broadband, but it has a decent share of flaws as well.


I loved the way Airtel has crafted the packages because they are targeting business + home users. Keep in mind that the Airtel Broadband Lucknow has different pricing compared to other states.

The starting price of the Airtel broadband plans in Lucknow starts at Rs.349 with 8 Mbps download speed. All packages come with unlimited STD and Local calls with free landline number.

If you are willing to pay for one year plan, then the company offering 20% discount on all packages.  Make sure to check out the latest pricing on the official site.


Airtel broadband Lucknow added a dedicated team to the service so that they can serve the new customers and existing customers better. Yes, there are a few flaws with Airtel Broadband that no one will tell you. You can read MouthShut reviews on Airtel broadband in Lucknow.


Airtel Broadband speed plans will impress everyone because the company is offering 8 Mbps connection to a 100 Mbps connection. The company is planning to introduce Airtel Fibernet, which will improve the overall performance of the bandwidth and service.

3. Tachyon Broadband

Tachyon started as a local Internet Service Provider, but the small start-up rose to popularity. Tachyon broadband Lucknow started to offer responsive services, affordable packages and decent bandwidth that took it to another level.


Tachyon broadband in Lucknow is offering a home & business solution with five packages for home users. In the home solutions, you can find five packages that feature 25 Mbps connection for Rs.699. Do not consider it on the expensive side because it does not have a FUP (Fair Usage Policy) limit.


A dedicated team of voice support is available and on-ground technicians to fix the issues immediately.


I have mentioned home & business solutions with at least five packages. However, there are two types of packages available for everyone FUP & without FUP. You have to pay a little extra if planning to go for without FUP package. However, the FUP package offers 75 Mbps download speed with 150 GB data for Rs.499. The company does not charge a premium for the services, so it does add greater value to customers on a tight budget.

4. BSNL Broadband

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Broadband is a solution in India, and they are empowering the ISP services in India. A popular communication network is offering DSL internet connection and Fiber cable internet connection in all states.


The company has an unfriendly website with information that takes a lot of time to comprehend. BSNL is a reputed organization established by the Government to serve the people. It is an excellent alternative to all ISP because they are a permanent body promoting affordable + reliable service. By spending Rs.299 per month, you can get a basic internet connection. Limited packages are starting from Rs.299 and unlimited packages starting from Rs.675 per month. BSNL broadband plans in Lucknow apply to all States except Andaman and Nicobar.


BSNL Broadband in Lucknow has dedicated customer care and on-ground technicians as well. However, I felt that BSNL have to improve the quality of the service by training customer executives and technicians.


In terms of internet speed, BSNL broadband does not justify the price. The organization is focusing on data/GB based packages, and the internet download speed does not exceed 16 Mbps. The culprit of BSNL slow download & upload speed is DSL connection, and it cannot transfer above 16 Mbps bandwidth.

5. Tikona Broadband

Tikona broadband in Lucknow is a popular Internet Service Provider in the country, and they are the hated ISP as well. The company offering very good services in specific states, but the story is entirely different in other states. One of the major reasons of Tikona downfall goes to the business model.


Tikona provides Home and Office solutions to its customers. Majority of the customers are home users, so the price starts from Rs.420 per month. The budget-friendly package comes in the expensive category because the download speed does not go beyond 6 Mbps with a FUP of 50 GB.

Similar broadband in Lucknow offering 5 Mbps connection with 150 GB FUP at Rs.399. I am comparing Tikona with a local ISP, and it does not add greater value to the customers with a tight budget.


Unfortunately, Tikona broadband has a very bad customer care service and on-ground technicians. Majority of the existing customers are leaving the network due to bad service. We recommend the readers to contact the nearest department to provide one or two existing customers contact to learn more. An existing customer can tell you more about the network than anybody else.


Tikona Broadband did not get much attention from the new audience due to bad reviews online. However, they provide 1 Mbps connection to 25 Mbps maximum to the new customer today. No one can guarantee the bandwidth because it tends to decrease on weekends.


Internet broadband is an important aspect of Digital India and getting a high-speed connection in Lucknow is not an easy task. Let us know which ISP did you like the most in the comment section below.

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