How To Choose Broadband Service

Broadband is an essential tool in 2019, and it has the potential to connect two worlds in a single click. Millions of people tune in every day to surf the internet, work online, access email accounts, and communicate via social media platforms.

What is Broadband or ISP?

Internet Broadband also knew as internet connection in many parts of the country. Many people don’t understand the difference between broadband and internet connection. Of course, there are no differences, but people assume that 2G, 3G, and 4G is part of internet broadband.

Broadband functions might be similar to the telecom network, but it serves a stronger purpose, and no technology can replace the broadband pricing and speed.

Broadband offers cable or wired connection to home users, commercial business, and companies. The wired cable services are available throughout the country and several regions. The government ensured that people would get wired internet connection in villages and small towns.

The wired connection offers higher download and upload speed that telecom network fails to provide in many regions. Even though, the 5G technology available in many countries, but it cannot offer 1 GBPS download speed.

Broadband comes in wired connections and Wi-Fi connection offered by the service provider. The users have the choice to choose download speed from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps including free Wi-Fi router.


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Know your Internet Usages

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You might have seen that every broadband offers a variety of packages to the customers at an affordable price. Now, we have to understand, how much data the individual consumes in a single day.

1. Light User:

Majority of the Internet users fall under the lightweight category. Now, what does this mean?

Surfing social media, and browsing through blogs & sites comes under the lightweight category. Keep in mind that you don’t watch a lot of videos on YouTube and other video sharing sites.

Light users don’t download large files online such as operating system (typically 2 GB+), and they don’t depend entirely on the internet. As far as, business concern, the light users answer emails and attend online events, and that is all.

2. Medium User:

A medium internet consumer watches videos online such as YouTube, and interact on a daily basis on social media sites. A medium user spends at least three hours online and spending the time for having fun and communicating with friends.

In a few scenarios, the medium consumers spend time by playing an online or multiplayer game like Call Of Duty and PUBG. Perhaps, stream the game online on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch.

3. Heavy User:

I come under the heavy consumer category. We manage sites, reply to emails, stream games on YouTube, download large files, and try a variety of online products.

Yes, we need unlimited broadband to download larger files and upload files such as video upload on YouTube. Our typical video size is somewhere between 900 MB to 1 GB. Some of the gameplay videos cross above 2 GB in file size.

Our business requires a high-speed Internet because we manage plenty of sites including our clients. We communicate on various platforms that include social media as well.

Heavy users require a lot of data to stream a gameplay, and the average bitrate of the stream reaches 3 Mbps upload per second. For a heavy user, download & upload speed matters, so do not avoid looking at the upload speed as well.

4. Families:

Home users largely depend on the download speed, so there is no doubt that families have to get the higher package. My family had to upgrade the package after 1 Mbps did not suffice, and then we moved to 5 Mbps connection.

However, it did not suffice as well, so we upgraded to 30 Mbps download & upload speed. So, you can imagine that a family of four requires 30 Mbps internet package to have a smooth experience. There is no limit to the package when you have multiple people using the broadband services.

5. Students:

Majority of the students might subscribe to broadband for education purposes, but they end up surfing internet and have fun online. In my opinion, students require a base package of 5 Mbps to play 720p videos and play games online. For one student, 1 Mbps to 5 Mbps internet connection is enough to play educational videos and courses online.

6. Home Worker:

Millions of people quitting the 9 to 5 jobs and start working online from home. Freelancing has increased over the years, and it offers great monetary value to the individuals. An average freelancer requires 1 Mbps of connection, and it should suffice for one individual.

7. Gamer:

I am a gamer streaming on YouTube and Facebook on a daily basis. There are many factors when it comes to gaming because we upload recorded videos on video sharing sites or stream online.

In case, if you are recording videos and uploading them online, then 1 Mbps to 10 Mbps would be a good choice. A multiplayer game requires less than 1 Mbps of connection to play smoothly. I can tell the speed required for games because I am playing multiplayer games for six years. Make sure that there are no other internet users at the scene, or you might experience lagging.

In case, if you have another internet user, then you have no other choice and upgrade the package for good


However, the suggested changes, if you are streaming on a daily basis. In streaming, the user requires both download and upload speed, and the base package of 30 Mbps should suffice your needs.

  1. The streamer requires at least 5 Mbps upload speed per second to provide seamless playback. My broadband upload speed is higher than the download speed because I subscribed to the custom package.
  2. Make sure that you have at least 5 Mbps download speed and 5 Mbps upload speed.
  3. Coming to the ping, yes, you need at least 10 MS to have lag free gaming experience.
  4. OBS Studio is one of the popular streaming programs, and it requires 3000 MB Bitrate for smooth gaming.

I’m not talking about SpeedTest results, but I am talking about real-time upload speed that you get when you are uploading the video on video sharing sites.

Choose Broadband Connection

Majority of the users do not know that there are certain types of connections. Allow us to list them down, so you won’t make a mistake.

ADSL/DSL: In many parts of the world, the ADSL or DSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) connections are common. The ADSL cannot provide above 16 Mbps connection, so make sure to avoid it, if you are planning to high-speed internet.

Fiber-optic Broadband: The next generation of DSL adapted by many countries is capable enough to provide 1 Gbps connection. The base connection starts from 10 Mbps, and it can provide 100 Mbps download speed without any issues. The customers can go for it because it can offer good bandwidth at a fast pace.

Mobile Broadband: Fortunately, the world has a better connection to offer and the 2G overtaken by 4G and 5G. Anyone, who have experienced 4G connection can tell that 30 Mbps is not a big deal. Yes, the 4G mobile broadband easily provides seamless download and upload speed without any issues. However, the price is slightly on the higher side of 4G and 5G. The data packages ruling the telecom industry, and the companies are losing a lot of money. So the packages of the 4G and 4G are expensive, and it is much better to get a broadband connection.

Satellite: A very few people have access to the satellite connection. Even though, the entire internet connection to one server in the USA and it connects to multiple servers around the world via Satellite. Every subscriber is getting satellite connection indirectly, so it does not make much of a difference. However, if you want to get a satellite connection, then you need a satellite dish antenna and transmitter. A portion of the radio spectrum sent and received by the satellite dish antenna called Satellite internet connection.

What To Consider When Looking For a Broadband Deal?

Our experience might help you find an ideal provider that offers great value with good price.

  1. The pricing always matters because some of you might be on a budget. The cheaper is always, the better, right? Nope! Quality is an important aspect, and cheaper providers may neglect customer support and offer decent bandwidth. Always select quality over pricing, and it makes a huge difference in broadband services. Remember, reputed broadband has an executive team that might scam you, so make sure to stay alert. These executives get a commission on every sale, so they won’t hesitate to scam you.
  2. Broadband speed matters here, but make sure to check the download & upload speed real time. The executive & package might seem good on paper, but the real-time experience makes a huge difference. You might subscribe to 10 Mbps connection, and the download speed does not even reach 1Mbps per second.
  3. Monthly packages do not offer great value, but if you buy six months package, then you can get a discount. My broadband offers one month free on six months package.
  4. Remember, you can knock off the installation charges if you subscribe to three months or six months package. Consult with the executive for more information.

Remember, even reputed broadband companies have been accused of bad connections and bad services.

What Download Speed Do I Need?

The download speed depends on the requirement of the user. And, we are the perfect people to add value to the information.

  1. Gaming Online:  Multiplayer games usually designed to work on low-speed connections so that it will work smoothly on 1 Mbps connection. Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare worked extremely good on 1 Mbps connection. In case, if you have someone else using the internet, while you are playing, then upgrade the package. 1 Mbps is not enough, and I have faced the issue.
  2. Download Movie Quickly: Typically, movies file size starts from 700 MB to 10 GB, and you have to opt for the highest connection to download the movies quickly. 1 Mbps connection users have to wait for an hour to finish 1 GB file download. The download speed goes down when you have multiple people using the same network.
  3. Streaming Movies in UHD: UHD stands for Ultra High Definition, and the users need 10 Mbps or above connection to play the movies without buffering.
  4. Checking/Sending Emails: I have sent many emails and replied to the received emails via a 2G connection, and it requires less than 512 Kbps broadband connection.
  5. Using Social Media: Social media platforms have changed over the years, and its no longer the texts and photos on the platform. However, you can play videos and go through the news feed using the 2G connection or 512 Kbps connection.
  6. Watching Movies Online:  All right, movies in an entirely different concept, especially, when you compare it with YouTube. Major platforms like Netflix and YouTube optimize the video to play on slower connections. However, it isn’t same on other sites, and you have to select the resolution like 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, and 4K.                                                 144p to 480p requires 1 Mbps connection, and anything below 1080p requires 5 Mbps connection. Coming to the 2K and 4K resolution, the device must support it, and the minimum download speed should be 30 Mbps per second.
  7. Making Video Calls: 1 Mbps connection is more than enough for the video calls without any interruption. We have tested it on Skype in the past, so it should not pose a problem with other video calling platforms as well.
  8. Streaming Music Online: The users require at least 512 Kbps connection in 64 Kbps sound quality. In case, if you want to increase the sound quality, then 1 Mbps connection preferred for 320 Kbps audio quality playback.


Choosing the right broadband is extremely difficult, and make sure to check with a local provider. Also, check out MouthShut for customer reviews and let us know what do you think about choosing a broadband service” in the comment section below.

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